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If your family is farming and you want to pass that way of life to your children, you do what you can to preserve it, which means protecting topsoil and using good environmental practices. Allen, Charles Schwab and the Chick-fil-A founder. You are painting big farms as bad, small farms as good, which makes no sense. Have a nice day, dude. Modern farming has fallen into a trap of needing more and more inputs fertilizer, pesticides, herbicides, etc for an increasingly less nutritious and viable crop.

Fortunately, the idea of sustainable farming is really taking hold, and the ability of dedicated farmers to turn around depleted soils and eventually break free from costly inputs is astounding. Food is not cheap, you either pay for it now or you pay for it later, with your health, the health of the soils, and the ability of future generations to farm. I read an article two years ago that stated if everyone became a vegetarian we could end world hunger within 3 years. The amount of food grown to feed meat animals is astronomical and could benefit people far more, especially with less and less viable farm land available.

Yeah Lady D, but vegetarians are evil. Why end world hunger when you enjoy your juicy steaks so much? But plenty of family farms also grow the crops you describe. Even the family farms that are sustainable and grow a variety of crops make concessions to running the business that I have a feeling some here would find distasteful. Did I forget something? As Stefon would say, this has everything. I may have to youtube her. Thanks for posting link — I was going to do the same. This seems to have been forgotten about. She does NOT need to be the next big thing.

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There is enough cultural insensitivity and racism in this world. She grew up on a country club in Bartlesville, and she was pretty privileged even through her LA years. Ree has been raking in millions for more than a decade between her blog, books and show. I dunno. I think her perky attitude is authentic, and I find it interesting that so many people are put off by that. Same on the Fixer Upper post.

I was thinking that too. Next big thing? Her stuff is all over the local Wallmart. I guess HGTV needs someone else to focus on and make their special darling, but it seems a bit strange. Some of her recipes do seem a bit bland, I think they need more spices…although I usually think most recipes need more spices. Bland food is the worst. Because she loves her husband?

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I know the town she lives in and raises her family in. Nothing fake about her. Monotone voice and zero personality on camera.

Watched one episode of her show and hated it. Not perky at all but kind of sedated and creepy. I think of them as big fish in a small town type. Nothing is wrong with that but her wealth seems to be overstated by some. Poorly dressed?

It Was Just a Kayaking Trip. Until It Upended Our Lives.

Then you are being willfully ignorant as that family owns half the state of Oklahoma. They are known in north east rural ok. The town nearest them is pawhuska. Not okc…not lawton ft sill. They most def do not own half the state. LoL, right? I used to read her blog and found it pretty charming, though the schtick could get old.

She does have some good recipes. For a while, her blog had an advice column sort of feature where people wrote to her for life advice.


I also think youd have to be pretty dim to read that blog and not know they were rich. That kitchen is huge and they take annual ski trips and talked about an old building in town they bought to fix up. I did a deep dive on TPW after posting this this morning and apparently there is some anti-diversity stuff on the homeschooling section of her site.

I never read any of the homeschooling posts so never saw it.

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I used to read it years back; I fell for the shtick until they redid the lode kitchen. Holy heck — that cleared things up. I need a show with someone who cooks like… 30 minute meals, including prep. Bonus points if it makes leftovers. Not happening. People mag is late to the game here. Around me deep South , years ago, she was being laughed at for taking a traditional recipe and throwing a can of Dr.

Pepper in it. Thanks for the link about the wild horses…the hypocrisy of the red-staters who are the biggest recipients of federal payouts never fails to astound me. The Pioneer Woman is on the cover of People ,because she is starting a home goods line at Walmart and opening a boutique hotel near her ranch for all her fans. This People cover definitely corresponds with all this. I like Ree and Ladd and family well enough.

Their youngest son cracks me up, and Ree is always cooking up something that looks tasty. Never tried any recipes, but get inspiration from her sometimes…. I quite enjoy her blog and recipes. Everyone in OK knows the Drummonds are rich as hell. Most TV chefs are rich as hell.

And Ina Garten? But Ree Drummond is the annoying one? I find her annoying but her recipes are always pretty good. I love the step-by-step pictures..

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I make it by the gallon practically. She started a company with a lot of help. More like private tutors and nannies. There are many, many snark sites on her. What a weird comment to make. LMAO, I know Ree extremely well and I am obsessed with this comment because you really do put in a whole lot of effort to drag her yet failed so miserably. Her entire brand is about being the opposite of a southern housewife and then having to learn as she goes to assimilate.

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Check out this story. Thanks for sharing!! I feel like I got in on the ground floor with Pioneer Woman. I stumbled onto her blog years ago, back when she had the whole story of how she met her husband written in serial-form blog posts, along with recipes. I always got the vibe from her back then that she was a cool, liberal free-spirit who happened to fall in love with a cowboy.

Sounds like a Harlequin romance novel. I used to like her, based on her early days.